Dots and Dots Duo

Dots start-stop flushing plate for a single flush and Dots Duo for a dual flush

Installation method
Installation on concealed flushing cisterns

Quality ASA material (plastic) or ABS for chrome plating
No tools are necessary for installation

Technical data
For dual flush (Dots Duo) or single flush (Dots)
The flushing plate for a single flush has a stop function
Frontal activation

The product contains:
All parts necessary to install flushing plate
Supporting frame
Retaining elements
Adjustment screws

Suitable for flushing cistern type 189.0400, 198.0400

Item No. Ident Version
586-0827 (257423) white
586-0828 (257424) matt chrome
586-0829 (257425) gloss chrome

Dots Duo
Item No. Ident Version
587-0833 (257426) white
587-0834 (257427) matt chrome
587-0835 (257429) gloss chrome

Installation instructions

Art. Nr.: 
Packaging: 5 pcs/box200 pcs/pallet (1,2 x 0,8 m)

Codice: 257426   Codice: 257427   Codice: 257429    
Codice: 257423   Codice: 257424   Codice: 257425    

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