DUPLO XS drywall installation element with a 198.0400 flushing cistern for suspended toilet bowls

Installation method
Installation in prefabricated walls
As a self-supporting element for pre-wall installation in drywalls
For universal installation into solid walls

Drywall element for wall-mounted toilets with a concealed flushing cistern
Built-in element height: 115 cm
Built-in element width: 54,7 cm
Built-in element depth: 9 cm
For frontal activation
Used for mounting a dual flush flushing plate
Possibility to mount start-stop flushing plate
Flushing cistern is made from PS material
The flushing cistern is insulated against condensation
Silent filling valve

Technical data
Flushing cistern volume: 9 litres
Mounting for dual flush
Large flush: 7 l–9 l
Small flush: 2 l–4 l
Connection to the water supply: at the top
Supporting frame made from 40 × 30 mm profiles
Supporting frame surface protected by a powder coating in blue
Support legs – ranging from 0 to 20 cm
Suitable for the installation of toilet bowls with an axial distance of 18 or 23 cm

The product contains:
Supporting frame for mounting
Height adjustable galvanized support legs
Angle valve with connection DN 15 (1/2")
PE wall drain elbow DN 90, with seal
Connecting parts for mounting toilet bowls
Other parts necessary to fix and connect the product

Without flushing plate

Possibility to install flushing plate
Caro, Circle, Dots, Dots Duo, Ovate, Ovate Duo

Item No. Ident Model No. Height (mm) Width (mm) Note
489-1166A 398908 855.8098_XS 1150 547 with waste water connection bend according
to DN 90

Installation instructions

Art. Nr.: 
Packaging: 24 pcs/pallet (1,2 × 1,0 m)


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