Installation method

  • For installation on concealed flushing cisterns


  • Material: ASA or ABS (for chromed plates)
  • Dual flushing
  • Color: white, matt chrome, bright chrome
  • For 199 UP concealed cistern

Special features

  • Easy installation and service

Product contains

  • Complete fixing material EAN-Code     Version
P47-0130-0253 8681282677009 White
P47-0120-0253 8681282676996 Matt chrome
P47-0110-0253 8681282676880 Bright chrome
P47-0190-0253 8681282677115 Black
P47-0205-0250 8681282653317 White + Gold Ring
P47-0201-0250 8681282653294 White + Glossy Chrome Ring
P47-0235-0250 8681282653324 Black + Gold Ring
P47-0202-0250 8681282653300 Black + Glossy Chrome Ring

Art. Nr.: P47-0130-0253, P47-0120-0253, P47-0110-0253, P47-0190-0253, P47-0205-0250, P47-0201-0250, P47-0235-0250, P47-0202-0250
Packaging: 10 Pcs./Carton

Article number: P47-0130-0253   Article number: P47-0120-0253   Article number: P47-0110-0253
Article number: P47-0190-0253   Article number: P47-0205-0250   Article number: P47-0201-0250
Article number: P47-0235-0250   Article number: P47-0202-0250    

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